Molly the Cat

August 28th, 2007 at 4:18 pm ]

We all harbor secret fantasies about our cats’ activities while we’re away at our jobs during the day, working to keep them comfortably fed and housed. I’ve always imagined that my cats essentially party all day while I’m out. Now, I don’t mean the kind of partying where they stand up on their hind legs and dance to United State of Electronica, but I do usually assume they watch the seagulls and construction workers through the living-room windows, or perhaps play a bit of soccer with a stuffed carrot.

Not so. I can attest, after two days at home sick, that Molly and Twinkie do nothing during business hours but nap.

For a while this morning Molly say on my lap while I read the news, but it wasn’t long before her eyelids started to droop and she became crotchety. Next thing I knew, she was on the bed, passed out cold. She’s been there ever since — about six hours and counting.

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August 25th, 2007 at 10:42 pm ]

Molly loves human food, and she has a habit of hovering around whenever food is being consumed in the house. Thankfully she’s not very aggressive. A typical mealtime sees me sitting on the couch, watching bad television with a plate of food balanced on my knees, and as a response to my habit, Molly’s version of begging involves one of two behaviors. Sometimes she sits on the nearby footrest and watches me eat from a distance of about six inches. Other times she paces back and forth in front of my feet, rubbing against my shins on each pass, her tail flicking dangerously close to my plate. Apparently she must believe these behaviors are ingratiating, and since I do not tend to discourage them I suppose I must in fact be encouraging them.

Oh, and also, I always give her my leftovers.

If cheese, milk, or meat are involved in even the tiniest of amounts, she’s sure to devour whatever human-food handouts I offer. I should mention that the milk is usually rice milk and the burgers are usually veggie burgers — but Molly loves ’em all.

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