Molly the Cat

January 23rd, 2003 at 9:54 pm ]

Underneath the stove, I found:

That’s a lot of cat toys. All were dust-covered. I pulled my vacuum cleaner into the kitchen and proceeded to suck the dirt off each toy. Sadly, 2 of the fuzzy catnip balls disappeared into the vacuum.

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January 18th, 2003 at 9:06 pm ]

The cats have eaten their own puke. I repeat: Molly and Twinkie have eaten their own puke. You may ask (indeed, you have every right to ask): how do I know this? It is elementary reasoning. You see, I noted this morning a small pile of freshly-puked cat puke on the floor of the kitchen. Running late as usual, though, I could not devote 5 minutes to cleanup and instead rushed out the door, bound for work. I thought nothing else of it. Meanwhile, disgusting acts were being perpetrated. Yes, indeed; the evidence was incontrovertible. When I arrived at my apartment this evening I found no sign of the puke pile… only some small leftover crumbs scattered about on the linoleum. Horrendous. Was it Molly, or was it Twinkie? I may never know, but the fact of the puke-eating will remain.

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