Cuppa is a small application for Mac OS X to time your cup of tea as it steeps. Tired of leaving your tea too long, to become bitter and cold, or drinking it too soon and not appreciating its full potential? Then this utility is for you!

Use it from the Dock: just right-click or control-click on Cuppa's icon and select the beverage you are brewing. Or select a beverage from the Beverages menu. Cuppa will begin timing the brew, and you'll see a teabag appear in the cup and gradually darken as the tea steeps. When the tea is done Cuppa will attempt to get your attention by various configurable means. You can also enable a countdown timer that's displayed in the dock icon.

Screenshot #1
Screenshot #2

A note about customizing sounds in Cuppa


Download current version (1.7.9) (Changelog)
Download source code (1.7.9)

Cuppa is an free, open-source application.


Copyright © 2005-2016 Nathan Cosgray, with contributions from Mathias Meyer and Eric McMurry. German translation by Benedikt Hopmann. Czech translation by Tomáš Klos.
This application was inspired by The Tea Cooker for Linux and is based on work done by Wunderbear Software.