Nathan A. Cosgray
Seattle, WA

Proven track record of excellence in database development, data management, 
and software development.

"Truly exemplary work." -- Jim, IT Director, The Seattle Public Library

* Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database
* T-SQL (queries, views, stored procedures, etc.)
* C#.NET, VB.NET, MVC, Entity Framework
* SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
* SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
* Power BI, Tableau


Analyst/Developer                                    The Seattle Public Library
2015 - Present                                                      Seattle, WA

* Design and implement library data warehouse
  - Work with stakeholders to determine data and reporting needs
  - Work with data owners to identify sources and understand contexts
  - Build ETL processes using SSIS, T-SQL, C#, and PowerShell
  - Build enterprise reports, dashboards, and KPIs using SSRS
  - Work with business analysts to expose data to Tableau and Excel
* Web developer for internal and external web applications and web services
  - ASP.NET (VB) for the online payments web application
  - ASP.NET (C#, MVC, Entity Framework) for a data entry tool used by staff
* Accomplishments:
  - Proposed, designed, and implemented self-service reporting for library staff
  - Built 45+ end-to-end ETL processes and 100+ SSRS reports in 4 years
  - Grew data warehouse from 0 to 500 million rows in 4 years
  - Published and refreshed 4 datasets for the Seattle Open Data Initiative
  - Project managed migration of the Horizon ILS from Sybase ASE to SQL Server
  - Cleared $2.6 million of old overdue fines for 230,000 Seattle library patrons
  - Implemented donation feature in online payments web application

Analyst/Developer                            IT Services, Amalga Data Warehouse
2014 - 2015                                            UW Medicine, Seattle, WA

* SQL developer for CIP V3 entity data pipeline
  - Loaded datasets from many sources and combined into V3 system format
  - Designed and implemented data pipeline, error handling, and logging
  - Architected custom SSIS packages, stored procedures, and table structures
* Authored reports using SQL, SSRS and SSIS, and the Amalga system
  - Primary developer for "Patients Are First" institutional metrics dashboards
  - Presented new reports and visualizations to UW Medicine leadership
  - Built reports (scheduled and on-demand) required by end users
* Accomplishments:
  - Wrote modular stored procedures for reuse by many data pipeline data sources
  - Devised method to improve data pipeline by loading only when updates detected
  - Wrote C# data comparison application for use during system migration

Senior Systems Analyst                               The Seattle Public Library
2008 - 2014                                                         Seattle, WA

* Managed and supported SirsiDynix Horizon Integrated Library System (ILS)
  - Worked with staff, librarians, and vendors to troubleshoot and solve ILS issues
  - Created reports using SQL, VBScript, and Excel
  - Planned and implemented software/hardware upgrades and migrations
* ASP.NET web application and web service developer
  - Developed PayPal-based online fine/fee payment system
  - Wrote a 3M/SirsiDynix SIP2 API library for .NET applications
  - Built a suite of .NET web services for retrieving data from library systems
  - Developed a web tool that librarians use to track reference questions
* Database administrator for Sybase, SQL Server, Access, and MySQL databases
* Accomplishments:
  - Enabled library patrons to pay fines online, totaling over $50,000 per month
  - Automated over 100 scheduled reports saving staff thousands of hours of time
  - Created ILS database mirroring scheme for backup, testing, and training

Senior Computer Specialist         Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology
2003 - 2008                               University of Washington, Seattle, WA

* System administrator for an academic research center
  - Maintained 1,000-user Active Directory domain and 15 terminal servers
  - Supported Unix infrastructure, including Apache and MySQL
* Supervised student workers
* Web programming projects in PHP and Perl
  - Account request forms and backend request queue management system
  - Workshop registration form with roster/attendance tools
  - Data extraction tool for sharing specialized research dataset

B.A., Computer Science
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Microsoft MOC coursework: .NET Development, SQL Server, Data Warehousing
Recent conferences: SQL PASS Summit, Google I/O

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

Developer of the "Cuppa" tea timer apps for macOS, iOS, and Android