Molly the Cat

June 15th, 2019 at 11:30 pm ]

Yesterday we lost our dear, sweet Molly. She had a peaceful, sunny last day at home with us, and then passed quietly into the next life. I assume the next life will be filled with endless laps and her favorite shoestring “toy” will appear in front of her whenever she feels like playing.

But meanwhile, we are devastated. Molly was such an important part of our little family, I’m honestly unsure if I’ll ever get over this loss. She was my constant companion for over 17 ½ years, from the time she was tiny enough to fit in the palm of my hand and her litter box was a pie pan, to moving across the country while cowering under the front seat of my Subaru, to aging gracefully into a geriatric cat who was so small and playful she could still pass for a kitten.

In her golden years as an only cat who loved her adoptive parents (especially our laps) as much as she loved sunbeams, Molly enjoyed being the frequent center of attention. She waited for us and came to the door to greet us when we got home from work, then took a lap around the living room to express her happiness. When she asked in her way for a lap to sit on, we were always, always happy to oblige.

This last week when her kidneys stopped functioning and she stopped eating, Molly weighed just 3.5 lbs. but still wanted to chase light reflections around the front porch. She still meowed for her favorite food (rabbit!) even when she couldn’t even eat a teaspoon’s worth. And, of course, she still cuddled with us and took solace in our love as she tried to purr through the pain.

Molly was, in every way imaginable, the perfect kitty. We will miss her forever.

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