Molly the Cat

June 1st, 2002 at 11:44 pm ]

We’re all quite tired here at the homestead. My eyes are bloodshot and the brain is slowing down. Twinkie, who was resting her weary self on the back of the couch, got up and stretched before settling quietly in the center of the living room floor. Her tail is twitching but she’s laid out flat, showing me her tigerstriped belly. Molly is currently prowling around with her nose close to the ground (she seems ever more cautious after so many recent disagreements with Twinkie). But just a few moments ago, she was happily reclining on my lap, feet in the air, purring and letting her eyelids droop. She so rarely has the time to luxuriate in my affections. This is a result of her hectic schedule that includes climbing chairs, rolling in the litter box, and flipping upside-down repeatedly.

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