Molly the Cat

January 16th, 2002 at 9:45 am ]

Morning cat thoughts…

It occurred to me that it’s obvious why my shoelaces are coming undone more often than I think they should. Molly plays It’s Fun to Attack the Laces on all pairs of shoes I’m not currently wearing.

The kitten has a serious balance issue. I’ve mentioned her tendency to roll right off the bed. She also has a lot of trouble judging distances when jumping, as well as keeping her balance when she lands. And walking across the back of the couch more often than not results in a tumble onto the carpet. My theory is that since her tail is still growing, she cannot yet use it properly. Its length must first stabilize. Anyway, it’s a source of great hilarity and Molly does not seem to notice or take offense when I laugh at her.

Twinkie can’t touch anything without receiving a fairly nasty shock. The amount of static electricity that cat builds up is phenomenal. It is a phenomenon. Molly does not have a problem, unless she touches Twinkie.

Another interesting thing I’ve noticed about the kitten is that she already has a remarkable ability to identify sounds. For example, when she hears that I’ve got into the shower, she knows it’s not an event that interests her. However, she comes dashing into the bathroom the moment she hears the apparently distinctive noise that I make when I exit the shower. It is, I think, one of her greatest pleasures to lick the warm and soapy water off the floor of the shower.

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