Molly the Cat

February 28th, 2014 at 6:08 pm ]

Molly graciously allowed me to sleep until 6:30am today. Thank you, dear kitten!

On every other morning in recent memory, my REM sleep has been brutally interrupted by her plaintive, heartbreaking meows beginning at 5:30am. Why does she do this? Molly has become unhealthily obsessed with canned cat food, and she starts begging at 5:30 on the nose despite always having plenty of the crunchy dry stuff in her secondary food bowl.

She also has developed a habit that I call the “Lassie Move”. She jumps onto my bed and stares at me, meowing, until I open my eyes. When I give in and try to placate her she immediately turns, jumps off the bed, and runs down the hallway toward the kitchen with occasional glances backward at me. This is Molly’s “come quick, there’s an emergency!” gambit, and I think it’s amusingly Lassie-like. I don’t agree with the urgency (she’s assuredly not starving) but her tactic is disruptive enough to be effective; Molly usually gets her food by 5:35…

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