Molly the Cat

January 10th, 2013 at 10:29 am ]

Eating the leftover yogurt out of bowls and other vessels is one of Molly’s greatest pleasures in life. She will coming running up to me moments after I pop the top off an individual-serving-size container of yogurt (the distinctive sound of which has conditioned her to freak out), and she’ll refuse to let me be until I’ve shared some of the goodness. If there is anything Molly adores more than cheddar cheese, it’s yogurt. And that’s why I feel a pang of guilt whenever I remove a container of yogurt from the fridge and take it with me to eat at work; poor Molly is missing out on sharing this delicious, creamy snack with me! I’m depriving her of something she loves dearly. She’d be so very upset if she knew…

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