Molly the Cat

April 5th, 2011 at 3:01 pm ]

I was curious about how Twinkie’s passing would affect Molly. Twinkie was a steadfast presence in her life almost from Day 1 (or about Day 21, anyway) — essentially, Molly had never known life sans Twinkle-Toes. Although they outwardly hated each other I think they also kept each other company. After all, they even had rare moments of playfulness together. And the mere knowledge that Twinkie was around must have been some comfort to Molly during the slow afternoons without a human at home.

Of the pair, Molly was always the skittish and standoffish one. So I wondered, would she become more attached to me?; would she come out of her shell? Or would she withdraw further, possibly because hours spent utterly alone in my apartment drove her to madness?

After three months I can confidently answer this question with a non-answer.

In fact, Molly has not changed much at all. Yes, she meows a bit more plaintively and frequently. She meets me at the door when I get home from work, and she spends most of every night slumbering at the foot of my bed. But she hasn’t experienced any profound personality shifts. She’s just as skittish and standoffish as usual. She doesn’t seem to go insane if I’m not home for a couple of days. She’s just Molly! Luckily, I liked her as she was, so I’m glad she hasn’t taken the change too badly. I’m also glad that I don’t feel I need to add another cat to my household to be her companion. Life is pretty good for us — just the two of us.

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