Molly the Cat

February 26th, 2005 at 11:21 am ]

These days, both cats are relaxed and playful; methinks their comfort has greatly increased because of the absence of any and all dogs. When I consider their behavior now versus six weeks ago in the dog house, the difference is pronounced. I can’t remember Molly and Twinkie actually playing with each other in years — since Indiana — and the fact that they do so now just makes me happy.

During one particularly energetic play session in which Twinkie chased Molly here and there (into the closet, behind the couch), suddenly the tables turned in a dramatic manner as Molly suddenly bore down on Twinkie and began to chase her instead. Well, this did not suit Twinkie. Rather than flee before Molly’s claws, she jumped up onto the lowest platform of the cat tree and crouched there, tailstub twitching. However, Molly does not use the cat tree at the moment, so she gave up the fight and went about her regular business.

It was two or three minutes later and Molly had forgotten everything. Little did she know Twinkie had not forgotten. As she calmly sauntered out of the kitchen, Molly was the very picture of innocence. She passed right next to the cat tree. Suddenly, Twinkie leapt from her perch, all four legs outstretched and ears flattened back against her head, and tackled the smaller cat from above! Molly let out a surprised screech and took off at high speed. Twinkie shook out her tousled fur.

The episode was over. It was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

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