KoL Exchange Rate

An Economist is You!

$1 US = 9,140,000 Meat

(as of 13 Jun 2024 at 10:30 UTC)

Current data:

Historical data:

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As the only direct financial link between The Kingdom of Loathing and a real-world economy, the Mr. Accessory (an in-game item received in return for donating $10 to the game maintainers) is the perfect indicator by which to measure the current exchange rate. These items are commonly used to amass great in-game wealth; players donate to receive a Mr. A and then sell it in the mall for millions of Meat. The KoL exchange rate can therefore be calculated by finding the cheapest current asking price for a Mr. A and dividing this value by 10 to find the $1 conversion factor.

For a list of the past year’s FOTMs and IOTMs, click here.


I use a modified version of kolcli to output the exchange rate, and gnuplot to create the history graph.

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