Customizing Sounds in Cuppa

You may find it amusing if your computer announces, “Tea — Earl Grey — Hot” when your morning tea is ready to drink. Although there is no mechanism within Cuppa’s Preferences for changing the alert sounds, it’s actually quite easy to accomplish this. You’ll need a couple of AIFF format sound files to copy into the Cuppa application bundle. These will replace the default sounds for beginning and completing brewing. Name them pour.aiff and spoon.aiff, respectively.

Then, replace the default sound files as follows:

  1. Quit Cuppa if it is running.
  2. Find the Cuppa application in your Applications folder and right-click (control-click) it.
  3. Click Show Package Contents.
  4. Navigate to Contents and then to Resources.
  5. Make backup copies of the pour.aiff and spoon.aiff sound files, just in case something horrible happens.
  6. Copy your pour.aiff and spoon.aiff sound files into the Resources folder.
  7. That’s it! Now you can run Cuppa and test your modifications.