This year’s Labor Day weekend extravaganza of musical variety, “ethnic” food, and teenaged girls — that storied Seattle festival known as Bumbershoot — was, surprisingly, not ruined by a series of miscalculations which caused me to skip events that I really did not want to skip. For example, although I heard the final, lingering, feedback-laden note of The Invisible Eyes’ set, that was the only note of it I did hear. Still, the highs were quite high indeed, including Jeremy Enigk and Blue Scholars.

But check out this geekiness…

In line for Best Week Ever Live (yes I love that celebrity gossip!) it was an hour before curtain and I was all alone. What else was there to do but whip out my trusty DS Lite and turn that hour into New Super Mario Bros. Fun Hour? As I merrily head-stomped my way past World 5-1, a goofy-looking high school guy with goofy-looking hair tapped me on the shoulder, and with these words my descent into geekiness was complete: “You wanna play some Mario Kart? I’ll host!” And that is how I came to be competing over Nintendo WiFi with a de facto nerd. Much to my delight, I managed to trounce him the first couple of races before he handed the DSL over to his buddy, who whooped my ass at Mario Kart, then whooped it again at VS Mario.

I felt somewhat vindicated when that very same kid was brought onstage at the finale of the show (Who’s Having the Best Week Ever?) and the audience booed him. Ha!

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  1. Wishing we had live reports from the UK. Hope you’re enjoying your trip! The weather has turned to shite since you’ve gone. =(

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