A Life Well Wasted

Sometimes my nerdiness takes over and I end up doing the darnedest things. Today I finished a project, the results of which are pictured above. Yes, I painstakingly (and rather expensively) constructed this pixel art tribute to my favorite retro arcade game, Snow Bros, out of 285 LEGO bricks in nine colors. It stands 10″ tall. Why did I do this? Nerdiness.

3 Responses to “A Life Well Wasted”

  1. h.Lo Says:

    It’s freaking awesome, Nathan! Is it displayed on a shelf, and will it safely stay together? Love it!

  2. h.Lo Says:

    PS Love your nerdiness, too. =)

  3. $ Says:

    Good work! I appreciate the geekiness you have embraced.

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