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Fahrenheit 9/11

Tuesday, June 29th, 2004

I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 last Saturday, and was simultaneously pleased and annoyed that every showing had sold out since opening here in Seattle on Friday. The annoyance stemmed from our slightly late arrival which meant we were forced to sit in the front row. (I have rather small spectacles and had to tilt my head […]

Microsoft Security Summit West, Day 2

Thursday, June 10th, 2004

Below is another extended text summarizing the talks from the second and last day of the Summit. Some interesting stuff here, to be sure. Unfortunately I was compelled to sign an NDA before the most interesting talk of all, so my notes from that one are not included. It may come later if I remember […]

Microsoft Security Summit West, Day 1

Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

I’m attending a Microsoft Security event in Redmond and actually finding that a lot of good, useful, nonbiased information is being offered. For those who are interested, and for personal archival purposes, I’ve posted my notes here. Beware: it’s quite a lengthy tome.

Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie National Park

Tuesday, June 8th, 2004

To view photos I took on Memorial Day, 2004, along the Number 22 Lake trail, click here. You’ll find the trailhead along the Mountain Loop. The lake itself is the obvious star of this trail. It’s a glacier-carved lake about 50 feet deep and surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs. In spring, these cliffs […]