Misread, Etc.

A sticker on the back window of a Civic of the letters WWII. I puzzled over this for a few moments — why would someone proclaim their support for the Second World War? Normally bumber stickers tend to be anti-war, and they tend to refer to current events. Ah, but then I realized the sticker was nothing more mysterious than a partially-obscured WWU logo. The windshield wiper hid the bottom curve of the “U”, resulting in my misreading it as a pair of “I”s. I’d like to think that’s a mistake anyone might make.

In other news, I met Irvine Welsh last night but did not shake his hand nor did I ask him the questions about the Trainspotting soundtrack that were floating around in my mind. I get freaked out in the presence of famous people. Especially the tall ones.

And finally, I found out that my hair color is now “ginger.” Good to know.

Liquid Insanity

I’m travelling to the UK next month so I’m hoping this anti-liquid mania is short-lived. Never, in a million 9/11s, could I have imagined our sky shepherds the TSA would dream up a liquid ban on airplanes. No LIQUIDS??? And when it comes time to fly from England to Germany, they’ll say no to my cell phone and iPod too, apparently.

Why not just fill the cabin with sleeping gas and knock everyone unconscious for the duration of the flight? Or strip us naked and wrap us in straitjackets?

If, by mid-September, they have not yet relaxed these ridiculous, inane restrictions on airplane carry-on baggage, I swear I will take a boat to England rather than fly there as planned. And if some dastardly terrorists sink my boat with a bomb made of iPods and shampoo, well, so be it. At least I will be allowed to listen to a soundtrack of my choosing as the boat goes down (perhaps Modest Mouse’s “Shit Luck” or anything by Explosions in the Sky), and I’ll have soft, moisturized skin.