Rarest Tapioca

One of BoingBoing’s memes for this week has been anagram transit maps — hilarious, to be sure, but here in Seattle we have no subways, no metro, and certainly no monorail. So while I felt slightly inspired to anagrammize a transit map for my own beloved city, that just didn’t seem possible. Enter Metroblogging Seattle with the answer: remix Sound Transit’s planned light rail route! And so I did. (Click for the full-size image.)

Best Overlooked Album of 2005

  1. Youth Group – Skeleton Jar
    I heard Youth Group for the first time less than two weeks ago, but they’re good enough to merit a special post of their very own. Sounding like James with a little Built to Spill and Coldplay thrown in, then mixed with a dash of U2, Youth Group feels familiar and comfortable to my ears. But they’re not derivative. Just awesome.
    • One great track: “Shadowland”

Mudslides Discovered

On the beach at Discovery Park last weekend we came across some rather impressive mudslides. It’s difficult to tell from the photos, but these 50-foot cliffs were literally disintegrating before our eyes. The earth was reconfiguring itself into four huge puddles. We watched nervously from a safe vantage point as clumps of wet mud tumbled sloppily down the hillside. There wasn’t much moving water — just a few dribble-sized waterfalls — but there was no question that our rainy weather had caused an abnormal amount of destabilization. Thankfully nobody ever built a house up there; it’d be in Puget Sound by now.