NOLA vs. Katrina

What’s it like on the ground in New Orleans today? Apparently, it’s horrific — literally, like something out of an apocalyptic horror film — and getting worse by the minute. I’ve been following developments in the city via a team of very dedicated sysadmins at DirectNIC as they chronicle their observations and experiences during this mess. It’s very compelling reading.

Meanwhile, I know precisely who to blame for the extraordinary lack of preparedness in the Big Easy: our imbecile president, his incompetant administration, and the cronies he installed in leadership roles at FEMA. We are coming to realize that the Gulf of Mexico has lost untold numbers of lives and a vibrant, historic city has been destroyed because funding that should’ve been distributed to New Orleans for levee repairs and other essential projects was diverted to fight a pointless and unnecessary war. Here are two important articles detailing this administration’s criminal negligence with regard to the security of New Orleans. Negligence that directly led to the state of disaster there today.

1. Chronology
2. Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen?

Unfortunately, all we can do now is wait and watch, and give whatever we can to the relief efforts.