Only in Seattle?

My office building is encased in plastic and has construction workers climbling around on it. Normally this is tiresome, but sometimes a smile or two result. For example, the other day I heard a conversation between two men putting up scaffolding:

“Hey, you hungry? What sounds good to you right now?”

“I was thinking about brown rice, man.”

“Oh yeah, my wife and I had some brown rice with fresh veggies last night… it was so awesome.”

At the Summit

Here’s a photo of me at the summit of Little Si. To mark the occasion of my first time reaching the very top of a mountain, I struck this odd pose.

The climb was lovely, of course, although the day was quite a bit warmer than we’d’ve liked. I prefer a cool, cloudy day for hiking, and if a fine misty rain is falling, so much the better. On the day of our visit to Little Si the temperature was near 90, so conditions were not ideal. In addition, some sort of concert was taking place in a valley below, and along the way our ears caught clips of a variety of Top-40 hits that had been whisked a thousand feet upward by the wind. Bizarre.

Length: 2.5 miles each way
Difficulty: moderate
Elevation gain: 1200 feet
Ending elevation: 1576 feet
Journey time: about 2.5 hours