In a Name

It seems that the letters of my name form some fairly hilarious anagrams. There’s nothing in this list to boast about, exactly, nor is there anything here that is at all apropos. Regardless, my howls of laughter could be heard from afar as these anagrams were generated.

“An orgasm and a yacht.”
“A thorny Madagascan.”
“Ya! North Madagascan.”
“Darn! Gay, macho Satan.”
“A sad, angry, macho ant.”
“Gay chat and a ransom.”
“Act gay, rash Madonna.”

Winner: Common Sense

I watched the live coverage on TVW (for the first and last time during this trial) and I must say that Judge Bridges’ ruling was vindicating and heartwarming to hear. He gave the Rossi team absolutely no credence, soundly rejecting every last one of their arguments… how many times did I hear the phrase “no evidence”? I should’ve kept a tally! I also loved his reference to judicial activism, saying that to overturn the election would “constitute the ultimate act of judicial egotism and judicial activism.” That’s right, Rossi’s cherry-picked judge refused to be a political pawn.

On to the Supremes, who are virtually guaranteed to uphold Bridges’ ruling. So Gregoire will serve her full term with the support of over a million legal voters, the Washington legislature, and the courts, and we can put this whole episode behind us.

Although I predict that we’ll see some voter initiatives aiming at election reform…