Ever since the move, my CD collection had been in utter disarray. Last night it was finally time to re-alphabetize. This was an operation that consumed over three hours of my time, but that was so worthwhile; my searches of the archive are far more efficient now. An interesting and unexpected side effect of the sorting process was this beautiful 3-D visualization of the frequency distribution of artist names:

So what are the outliers? We can see that four letters — B, C, M and S — tower high over the others with approximately 60 CDs per letter. The letter S wins with a record 66 discs, and as if to prove this point beyond doubt, while I took this photo I happened to be listening to the Stars. At the opposite extreme, O has only seven CDs associated with it, while the unlucky letters Q, V, X and Z are not even represented at all. Can anyone think of worthwhile artists in those categories that I should add to my collection?

Dispatch the Second

On this Monday, I have another couple of U-District vignettes to share.

Seen: Man running North on the Ave wearing not a stitch aside from a tiny pair of ladies’ shorts. As he ran he endured taunts such as, “Hey! Take it all off! No, no, leave it on.” I have identified the shorts as American Apparel Style #7301; the color was “Asphalt/Fuchsia.” No, these were not made to be worn by a male. Was it a publicity stunt planned and perpetrated by the salacious employees of the Ave’s new American Apparel retail store?

Scene: A zebra-print Nine West purse, waterlogged and empty, hanging from an apartment building’s iron fence. On the ground next to it, scattered belongings. An item of clothing. The (presumed) former contents of this purse, including a variety of small bits of paper, lipstick, a plastic pill holder, and about half a dozen hypodermic needles. One needle’s tip is bent. Another syringe contains a reddish fluid. What transpired here?