If you’re registered to vote in King County, WA, please double-check your polling place using the online request form. This tool will also inform you if you’re registered absentee. If the lookup fails, call 296-VOTE immediately to get your registration corrected before election day.

On a related note, Kevin Drum’s analysis of each candidate’s relative dishonesty during the second Presidential debate is enormously important reading. Kevin is consistently logical and fair-minded, and I’ve found his comments and articles during the past few months of election buildup to be quite thought-provoking. His debate coverage has been no exception. I think Kevin makes an indisputable case against Bush here. So if you can’t make up your mind, read this article, and then consider voting for the candidate who doesn’t tell frequent, bald-faced lies. Consider voting for the candidate who doesn’t live in a rose-tinted bubble of his handlers’ making. Consider voting for the candidate who actually has coherent plans to correct the current dismal situations in Iraq and in the U.S. That candidate is, of course, John Kerry.

Okay, I’ve said my piece. Thank you.